by Richard Orofino



songs i wrote about things


released February 4, 2016

Songs written and recorded by Richard Orofino
Performances by Richard Orofino with guest Matt Louis on the electric guitar and bass on "birds"

Album Artwork by Richard Orofino

thanks evan liu for your torso and legs on the album cover



all rights reserved


Richard Orofino New York, New York

new york

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Track Name: birds
Birds always sing into my head they want to raise my living dead
I always try to yell at them until they leave me leave me alone
Leave my heart and leave my spark
Light my matches in the dark

Birds always want to make me mad they always seem to get me going
But sometimes it's like trying hard only cause they want what I've got
Leave my heart and leave my spark
Light my matches in the dark

It's in my life you break me too
You shake the sand out from my shoes
And take the life out of my name
It's in the game
Track Name: dixie
I keep my heart and mind apart
It makes it easier to tell the difference
I'm always thinking bout the stars aligned
And how I'm super fucking pissed today I swear I'm going crazy
I don't know what I'm saying I think I'm losing everything I own

I like the sound of all my engines going
The colors of the sky are dirty grey
It also kinda sucks from all the snowing
But I don't need another place to stay Im getting sick and tired of all the things I hold I really shouldnt leave here oh so quickly

I know a town where we could live it's cool as fuck we I swear to god we can just share our own little place its nice in here so come in here it's getting cold outside the lights are turning on that's when you know it's getting dark and dangerous
Track Name: grapevine
Somebody told me all I make are silly noises
Somebody wrote me that they liked my song and dance
Keep me close to your heart and don't let me break us apart

Somebody told me that they heard I quit the show
Through the grapevine and the little boys and girls
Keep me here in the dark and don't let me break us apart

You already said, all those things that hurt my head
You just messed me around and I'm not dead but I'm falling down
You turned me upside down

Somebody let me think that I can't be myself again
All the things I held inside got stuck in a doggy pen
You stayed near from the start so don't let me break us apart
Track Name: turtle
I think I've been lost for too long that I'm gone
And I want to show someone what I hold that's wrong

I haven't slept for days but I'm okay I swear
I was thinking maybe I'm right but please don't take me away

I've been thinking a lot
But I'm pretty sure Im still lost
Thinking is bad for my head but I'm not dead yet

I've been thinking I miss the old days I miss having Owen around
And I think I want it all back and just when I'm stuck in the ground
Track Name: cuffs
You put your cuffs between my wrists and bandage up the cuts inside my super bloody holiday

You always change the way I think and make me open up to all the shit I've frozen shut

I seem to think that I can't hold it all in
It's taking up my time no more stabbing all my clocks through their skin
I want to runaway with you
It will be easy no more listening to rules only listening to you

I must create until I die or maybe till I'm left for dead forgotten by my friends
At least I'll have you next to me. You shaped the way I touch and see and feel the things I do
I love you

Get away from all the time you've had to think about the last words off your tongue
Track Name: sickday
I want to find you before they get you
I always cared so much
I didn't think it even really mattered

I want to hold you you make me need you all night long
I tried to make myself
Into a spirit that I'm not

You tried to get away
When I was having a sickday
You couldn't find the way
I don't make me want to see the light

I want to buy you so many things I can't afford
I want to serve you
I want to drop down to the floor

If I can't see myself I walk
I shut your door the kitchen floor the telephones
The scattered bones along the road
Track Name: mermaid
I saw your house
In the paper today
I didn't know how serious your mother really was
When she said that she wanted to leave

I picked around
The tiny thorns
I thought that I could keep my hands from bleeding if I quickly pulled away
But sometimes it feels better just cut out all the branches in the way

I thought I could breathe underwater
But I just kept upsetting all the fishes living there
I swear I'm good
I just really misunderstood

I trust the wind
And I own the world
I spoke to all the trees and all the animals inside my neighborhood
They told me please stop hurting her cause hurting her is also hurting you
Track Name: lose you
I sit alone
I love your face
I miss those nights
I loved those nights

I kiss the phone
I love your hair
I miss that house
I loved that house

And I miss the look on your face
And I miss the rules that you made
And I never thought I'd lose you
It's running down my face
I never thought I'd lose you

I want your hands
I loved your hands
I want you now
I need you now