I belong to u

by Richard Orofino

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Shelbi Watkins
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Shelbi Watkins never have i ever found someone's music i love as much as yours. keep on keepin on
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BaconDive This album is truly hauntingly beautiful. I couldn't resist buying this gem from the very first listen. The atmosphere is so perfect. Favorite track: I belong to u.


written/recorded in dorm room in 3 days


released October 9, 2016

big thanks grant fryc for the artwork



all rights reserved


Richard Orofino New York, New York

new york

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Track Name: dreaming about u ( I don't think that I am crying)
it was late at night its the only time i try
to keep an open mind ill watch you as you walked on by
i think im dreamin about you

i drive around at night
trying not to pick a fight
i miss the starry lights
open my eyes cause

i dont think that i am crying

i saw the colored lights the voice that spoke behind it felt divine
i think i want your time ill keep my hands on yours and yours on mine
Track Name: I belong to u
i was thinking about your face
thinking about the place that we said you felt okay
i was hoping that on your mind i could take off some time from anything i can

cause i belong to i belong to u

i was walking around the park hoping that i could spark up a fire with my eyes
and you were wishing that i was fine telling me i was kind when you felt u want to cry
Track Name: I just feel what I think I know
i wish i could dream like you
i wish i could believe like you
i dont think out loud

i wish that i could pray like you
i wish I felt the same way that you do
and know ill be alright

did u think i did u think i
had a blind heart with an open mind
i just feel what i think i know

i wish that i was breaking through
i wish that i honest too
cause don't know what come next
Track Name: not okay
take me to the dark
i dont wanna see the light too much
love me when im down
i dont wanna feel the torch of loss

did u know that i was up

have u ever felt the same
u felt when u were crying
but u thought that u were okay
but u were not okay that day

tell me im not great
i don't wanna taste a fake mistake
roll across your face
tell me what it means to feel in place
Track Name: show me all the changes
we walked out from your bedroom
i heard your eyes turned blue
we stayed up till the morning
i felt my ghost chasing you

i kissed the dirty flowers
off of the floor next to you
you showed me all your powers
the things you make me do

cause you let me see
the brand new place for you and me
cause you show me all the changes all the changes that you made

ill cross my bloody river
the words that crawled from me
the things we don't remember
are falling down from trees